Welcome to Harbor Island

A unique island off the coast of South Carolina

Entrance to Harbor Island, SC

Harbor Island, a private 1400- acre barrier island on the Atlantic seacoast is located 14 miles from Beaufort, South Carolina. The natural beauty of the island lies in its 2-½ miles of untamed sandy beach with rolling sand dunes covered in coastal grasses and sea oats and in its tidal creeks and saltwater marshes located on Saint Helena Sound.

Exploring this little piece of paradise you will find leisurely walks provide a remarkable co-existence with nature where pelicans, egrets, herons, terns and horseshoe crabs are the largest crowd found on the beach. Loggerhead turtles return to their birthplace in the spring to lay their eggs and throughout the summer and early fall, their offspring hatch and make their way to the ocean. Shrimp boats hug the coastline with dolphins at play greeting passersby. In nearby rookeries the seasonal birds nest in the wax myrtles where onlookers can observe remarkable hatchings.

Harbor Island Blue Crab

Fishing, crabbing, shrimping, boating or simply basking in the sun are a part of everyday life on Harbor Island and if more activities are desired, the Beach and Racquet Club offers a large pool, kiddy pool with playground, gift and snack shop, volley ball, tennis courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard court, a common recreational area where croquette, bocce ball and horseshoes are played and a fitness center. Residents and visitors enjoy many social activities during the year such as the New Year’s Progressive Dinner, a 4th of July Parade featuring decorated golf carts, Harbor Light Dances, Cookouts, Movie Night, Sunset Cocktails, Pancake Breakfast, Potluck Suppers, Halloween Costume Party, Christmas Dance and a Monthly Book Club. Golf carts are the mode of transportation on the island and on many evenings folks are out greeting one another and enjoying the serenity of the island's beautiful waterfront views.