Sea Turtle Conservation Project



Harbor Island has participated in a sea turtle conservation project since 1993. Increasing population numbers of these federally protected species are directly attributable to the actions of conservation teams across the globe.  On Harbor Island, a team of 20-40 trained volunteers perform daily sunrise nest surveys during the months of May-October ensuring the protection of nests, recovering hatchlings when required, and reporting and assisting with diseased or injured sea turtle strandings.  Loggerheads nest between May and August and hatchlings usually begin to emerge in July.  Over the last 5 years, season nesting numbers have ranged from 41 to 96 nests in a season!  While many hope to see a nesting female loggerhead, nesting activity typically occurs at night.  However, we are increasingly encountering nesting loggerheads at the beginning of sunrise patrols so your morning stroll may include a sighting!